OCEAN KING Gourmet Fish Bakkwa
A timeless tradition made healthier.

Savor tradition, without the guilt Savor tradition,
without the guilt

An unforgettable gastronomical journey
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Our story

In pursuit of perfection.

From a passionate chef to his enterprising son, the Ocean King story is one of unwavering dedication. This is how it began.

In the 1980s, Ong Eng Guan co-founded Cheng Huat Hin Pte. Ltd., pioneering a regional seafood trading enterprise. Word of his exceptional workmanship and unyielding passion to deliver the best products spread far and wide. Before long, Ong’s work had captured the attention of Yamamoto San from SOGO Shosha.

In 1998, Ocean King was formed. Tasked to provide sushigrade tuna and salmon for SOGO restaurant chains in the Asia Pacific region, Ocean King rose to the occasion. To delight the most discerning gourmets, Ong went to great lengths – and depths – to bring the ocean’s freshness to the plate. The result was an exquisite array of innovation and nutritious seafood products.

At this point, Ong spotted a new opportunity. Riding on the market’s love of premium fish products, Ong created the world’s first gourmet fish bakkwa.

Immensely inspired by his father’s achievements, Derek Ong joined the ranks. While Mr. Ong focused on workmanship, Derek brought fresh ideas to the table. Together, the duo blended tradition and innovation, creating exquisite gastronomic indulgences.

Today, Ocean King continues to source the most premium of fishes, smothered for hours to perfection with the family’s secret recipe. Every bite is truly haute cuisine at its finest, years in the making.

Good food speaks for itself.

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Here’s one for the gourmets. We pride ourselves
on upholding the grandest culinary traditions.


Every sliver of our halal-certified handmade fish bakkwa comprises the most pristine ingredients, barbequed to perfection, and sealed in with high levels of healthy Omega 3 fatty acids.

No Preservatives

Prepared with extra virgin oil, our creations contain no preservatives or colouring.

Health Benefits

Best of all, our products have been scientifically proven to yield numerous health benefits. This includes reduction in the risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases, and improvement of eyesight.

Full Flavoured

A treat at any moment of the day, our fresh and full-flavoured fish bakkwa promises to satisfy your inner connoisseur.


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